17/11- The Ramblings of an Aspiring chef


November 17, 2012 by seriousbacon

Bippdy Boppdy Bacon!

Ok, so here it goes, this is the first post from SeriousBacon my new food blog, it’s going to be a little bit about me and my background as an apprentice chef, as well as a the food that i enjoy and  the food that i have been creating, I’ll  be chucking in a few tips here and there that I’ve picked up along the raddgedy road to success, Sharing with you some of my culinary creations  and oh yeah some of the not so good disaster stories (lets face it, I’m still learning , so you can’t blame me for that burnt tart Chef 😉  and of course I’ll be chucking in a little bit about Bacon just for good measure!

So lets start with me, My name is Jake Boughtwood and im 23 years old. I’ve been working as an apprentice chef for about a year now, and i can tell you, It’s been a steep learning curve! From the Extra salty Mash, to the exquiste lemon tarts, I’ve been there and done that, and learnt the hard way! You see, as i got into catering a bit later than the average apprentice chef, I’m still playing catchup,(It’s a young mans game they keep telling me!) But luckily im working in an a solid kitchen, with some knowledgable chefs, so there is always tips to be picked up here and there, even it is some times not to be taken seriously (‘Chef go get me the Salmon legs from the chiller’).

I’m Currently in Catering college at the Colchester Institue (thats a lot of Capital C’s :P) Where i’m in my 2nd year, studying for a NVQ in Professional Cookery, Working within a group of about 16 chefs (More room for error!) Once a week, to produce food of restuarant quality to the brave but oh so lucky Paying public! On average we will turn out 45 covers per a night, thats 3 meals per a chef i hear you say! But trust me it doesnt quite work like that as i found out when i got hammered on my duck dish last week, but we will have more to come on that one, it was er an interesting service. But all in all, It’s going really well and i’m Enjoying my time there!

Ok so thats enough ramblings about me for now, If you made it this far, I salut you sir! You shall be rewarded as promise with some random facts about bacon!#

But Seriously, I hope you enjoyed my first post on my first ever food blog SeriousBacon, Feel free to pass it onto your friends, and to come visit again to hear about some more of my culinary creations or Mishaps, and In the famous words of Arnie, I’ll be Bacon! (ok i couldnt resist) Thank you and goodnight.


2 thoughts on “17/11- The Ramblings of an Aspiring chef

  1. Nice to meet you, Jake. I’m in and looking forward to reading more about your culinary adventures. You hooked me with the bacon! 🙂

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