Celebrity Chefs, Got Beef?


March 12, 2013 by seriousbacon

Heres the question i put to you, What makes a celebrity chef? is it his passion, personality, toonvectors-14777-940creativity or did they just get a lucky break?

Nowadays it seems that there are so many celebrity chefs making it through, all armed with a new flashy TV program (usually based in some far-flung area of the world cooking with some unknown and inaccessible ingredient)  that the true point has been lost – The cooking. I mean when was the last time that you recreated any sort of dish from a TV program? When did you last find a program that was full of original content with a truly talented chef ?

I understand that a certain format has to be followed to make an entertaining program in order to get views but it seems that somewhere along the way the value has been lost, All a TV program cooks up nowadays is predictable dish. It would be nice to see something out of the ordinary, unpredictable, fresh. It would be nice if a proper chef from inside of a kitchen stepped out into the limelight and showed the so-called celebrity chef how it was properly done.

Sure there are a few exceptions from a British point of view you have; The Great British menu and Masterchef, but it seems that somewhere along the way original magic has been lost, and it seems that nowadays TV listings are full of some generic celebrity working from inside a fully scripted studio, producing the perfect dish.

But maybe this is the point when a chef becomes a celebrity, is he really still a chef?

Any feedback or thoughts would be much appreciated!

Celebrity chef Jakwob


2 thoughts on “Celebrity Chefs, Got Beef?

  1. I’m kind of a foodie, Jake. I love to cook, but no longer have the time to be in the kitchen like I used to. Cooking shows are my go-to when I want the television on but don’t want to have to pay too much attention. I think the one person I used recipes from more than any other was Emeril Lagasse, but he is rather passe’ these days, isn’t he?

  2. seriousbacon says:

    I have to confess I’ve never heard of emeril lasagne! Many of the celebrity chefs in america don’t seem to make it here over in the UK, But after a bit of research it seems kind of a big deal! To be fair I kind of went off on a bit of a tangent here, I do enjoy many cookery shows, Hells Kitchen USA being a favourite! If you have time I suggest checking out the Great British menu, some of the food they put out is extraordinary, it should be series linked on the BBC IPlayer.

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