How to guide: Fillet Seabass


March 13, 2013 by seriousbacon


Ok, the Howto guide is part of a new series i’m going to be running, The idea behind it is to help my readers to pick up some new tricks and skills, and cook up some some treats along the way! (if all goes to plan that is!) Along with the guides that i will be posting, there will be an accompanying recipe to help you put them into practice! I’m sure you will be cooking like Ramsey in no time!

The first in the guide is a simple..ish one to get us started; Howto fillet a seabass!

The techniques shown will be revelant to any other round fish such as Mackerel, sea bream, haddock, pollack, snapper and John Dory, and i will accompany it with a video to help you to hone those skills!

When filleting round fish, use a very sharp and slightly flexible knife.

-Slice around the head of the fish on one side, cutting through the meat until the knife meets the bones.

-With the tip of the knife flush against the backbone, slice the fish from the head to the tip of the tail in one smooth movement.

-With the tip of the knife, use gentle sweeping motions to gradually cut the fillet away from the body (the less strokes used the better!), working from the backbone to the belly.

-Turn the fish over and repeat the process, but start from the tail end of the fish and work towards the head.

-Trim the fillets by removing the fins and any excess fat and there you have it, two lovely fillets of seabass and remember practice makes perfect!

Stay tuned for the accompanying recipe and feel free to follow for some more great tips!


3 thoughts on “How to guide: Fillet Seabass

  1. Nice video. Easy peasy. 🙂

  2. […] itself! If your Interested in learning how to fillet fish, please see an earlier post that i made Howto fillet Seabass, you will see that as scary as it seem’s, It is not actually that complicated, and you […]

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