Pork, Apple and Stilton en croute, Served with Potato rosti, and spring vegetabes

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March 19, 2013 by seriousbacon

photo (2)I decided to try something a little different today, i had some puff pastry which needed using up and came up with this dish and the outcome was damn tasty, you see i’m not a huge blue cheese lover and i was worried that it would overpower the dish, but the mini  en croute’s, layered with the pork, apple and Stilton, the combination worked superbly! I served this with a crunchy potato rosti, a rich sauce and fresh spring veg and it made for a really tasty dish, and whats more it was made pretty much with stuff that i had lying around in fridge!photo (1)

Heres the recipe;

Makes 8 parcels

Mini En croute;
500g Pork Fillet
2 Apples 
250g Stilton
1/2 block puff pastry

Potato Rosti;
photo5 Potatoes
Butter and Seasoning

500ml beef stock
Redcurrant jelly
Cornflour to thicken

Spring vegetables to serve

  1.  Put the potatoes into a pan and par boil
  2. Trim the pork fillet of any sinew and slice into 1 cm slices, add them to a hot pan and seal just enough so that they start to colour.
  3. Peel and prepare the apples, and slice into round circles, Break down the Stilton and move to one side.
  4. Take the potatoes off the boil, drain and leave to cool, you want them to be quite hard still! Add some stock to a pan and start to reduce down for the sauce
  5. Roll out the puff pastry, until it’s a few millimeters thin, cut into squares and start to layer them up, Stilton, apple, pork, Stilton, apple, pork.
  6. Fold the corners of the pastry over and Egg wash until sealed and onto a floured tray
  7. Grate the potatoes, season, and mould into shape, then add to a buttered frying pan, turning once during cooking.
  8. Eggwash the en croutes, and bake at 190 on a lined baking sheet for about 20-25 minutes
  9. Add the vegetables to the boil, check the sauce, adding redcurrant jelly and some watered down cornflour to thicken, then add the rostis to oven to finish.
  10. and as if by magic dinner is served!

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