Worlds Best: Noma


June 11, 2013 by seriousbacon

As part of a new series, I will be looking to profile some of the world’s best restaurants, Starting with the Worlds number one voted restaurant; Noma!

Noma-Entrance-to-Restaurant (1)

“In an effort to shape our way of cooking, we look to our landscape and delve into our ingredients and culture, hoping to rediscover our history and shape our future.”

Noma, is a two star Michelin star rated restaurant which is, situated in Copenhagen, Denmark, with its specialty being modern Nordic cuisine. Using only locally sourced ingredients, it aims to combine them with a modern twist, to turn them into extraordinary dishes! Having  opened in 2004, it quickly rose to the top and has been pushing the boundaries of gastronomic delight ever since.

Noma really can claim to be the worlds best as it has been voted so for 4 consecutive years, by Restaurant magazine with its head chef/owner  Rene Redzepi, coming from top pedigree having previously worked at El Bulli, French laundry and the Fat duck, which are all well renowned and respected within the world cuisine.

The restaurant itself is open 5 days a week (Tuesday-Saturday, incase you decide to jump on a plane!) and operates a lunch/dinner service, with each sitting upto 20 people offering a set tasting menu that contains a whopping 28 courses! It starts with amuse bouches, moving onto appetisers, mains and then desserts, covering a whole spectrum of unheard of ingrediants which have been turned into something spectacular!

Its Current menu is as follows;
Fresh milk curd and blueberry preserves Brown crab, Egg yolk and herbs
Onion and fermented pears
Beets and plums
Potatoes and bleak fish roe
Pike perch and cabbages Verbena and dill
Beef rib and lingon berries
Gammel Dansk
Potato and plums

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 As you can see the food looks really spectacular, and i feel it really does deserve its place as the worlds best restaurant, I hope you enjoyed reading this article, any feedback would be appreciated, and if anyone has any ideas on where to go next for my worlds best series then let me know! Thanks Jake


8 thoughts on “Worlds Best: Noma

  1. thecheflife says:

    Great idea for a series!

  2. IRV will be your dinner date!

  3. periklytos says:

    Interesting to see a 2 star restaurant winning that accolade…or is it that I am out of touch with the restaurant business?!

    • seriousbacon says:

      Thanks for reading my post! I agree, you would expect a 3 star restuarant to win the accolade, But i think the award is based on the food they’re creating, and the style of their cusine and what noma is doing really does seem groundbreaking, which is probably why they won such an award, You should have a look at some pictures of the food they are creating.. it really is spectacular! I had a little dig and found this link for you, thought you might find it interesting!

      • periklytos says:

        That is quite interesting. Over 1000 guests on the waiting list…You are certainly right. Creativity plays an important role in anything… whether in gastronomy or football…

  4. YellowCable says:

    Wonderful arrangement of food.

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