Lemon sole en papillote


June 13, 2013 by seriousbacon

photo (18)So in two weeks i officially be a qualified chef! I’ve almost completed my two year chefs apprenticeship, and once that is complete, i will be as qualified as i can be in the world of chefing. Its been a lot of hard graft, a huge learning curve but a lot of fun! When i think back to the first day i stepped into the kitchen, pretty unsure of everything and how it worked, and to where i am now, i can feel i’ve come a long way,Β good times!

The dish i’m posting today is one of dishes i created at college to serve in the restaurant one evening dinner service. Lemon sole en papillote is one of those dishes that is perfect for a light dinner or a starter, Its a classic combination using a french method that involves creating a parcel made out of baking parchment to steam the fish, it is then either served in the parcel for the customer to unwrap or can alternatively be presented as a dish as i have done here.

You start by filleting the lemon sole to produce 4 fillets, which are then seasoned, wrapped and rolled, you then add finely julienned stir fry vegetables (I like to choose a good variety of veg with different contrasting colors) which you then build upto to create a bed for the lemon sole to sit on, a little dash of white is added and afterwards its time to seal it all up. I also chose to add some fennel and lemon zest and juice as these are always flavors that really compliment and bring out the flavor with fish, I paired this with a white wine cream sauce and some nice garnish and the dish was complete!

It turned out to be a real winner as almost half the people in the resturant chose that as their starter that week, with a lot of good feedback coming my way! but i was pretty pleased with the outcome, let me know what you guys think! oh and i found a video by Chef Ramsey for you to check out! of anyone needs some help then feel free to message me.. in the mean time though i’ve just done a 14hr shift, so im going to bed πŸ˜€


One thought on “Lemon sole en papillote

  1. YellowCable says:

    That is a great for a light disk and congrat to becoming a chef (should be by now).

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