White Chocolate Blondie


September 12, 2013 by seriousbacon

photo 1 (1)Today’s recipe is for a white chocolate blondie, It’s pretty much just a white chocolate version of a brownie, which lets be honest can only be a good thing! The dish pictured here is served with a white chocolate glaze and a homemade raspberry sorbet. The blondie is full of white chocolate chunks and fresh raspberries, so it really is a super tasty dessert!

It’s really to make and can be made in about 15minutes! The process is quite simple you start by melting together the chocolate and butter of simmering pan of water, and whilst your waiting, start to whisk together the sugar and the eggs with an electric beater until they start to turn creamy and pale, i find that you really can’t over whisk them, and that the longer you beat them, the more the blondie rises, which is a winner! Once the chocolate and butter has melted its time to fold the two together, and to sieve in the flour, the process is really that simple, and can be applied to making a chocolate brownie and even most cake mixtures, the process doesn’t much differ! so next time you goto make a brownie, don’t goto the store and buy a betty crocker mixture, no excuses!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any comments on what you want to see me try on Seriousbacon then let me know, it might even make it to the special boards at the restaurant i work at, Awesome! I’ve been busy collecting dessert recipes recently so stay tuned for dishes such as a Tripe chocolate cheesecake, a to die for Sherry trifle and the best creme brulee recipe, So feel free to subscribe for some more!

Heres the recipe for the white chocolate blondie, please keep in mind that this makes a 15 portion white choc brownie as its catering size.. but the more, the better and it will freeze down just fine. Thanks, SeriousBacon

White chocolate blondie

560g White chocolate
450g Butter
800g Caster sugar
10 Eggs
500g Plain flour

Raspberries & White chocolate pieces to your taste

1.Melt together chocolate and butter over a pan of simmering water

2.Blend together eggs and sugar until pale and creamy

3.Combine the two mixtures and sift in the flour, Fold together

4. Add the raspberries and white chocolate pieces to your taste

5. Spoon into a lined tray. Cook at 150 until risen and starting to crack on top roughly 45 minutes.


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