Seabass Fillet with Salt n Pepper Squid

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October 16, 2013 by seriousbacon

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Today’s Dish is a fillet of roasted sea bass served with salt and pepper squid rings!

Seabass is a local specialty where I’m from, and is brought in from the waters almost daily by the local fishermen, which are based just 50 meters from the restaurant  where i work at, meaning we are getting fresh fish brought in from the local fisherman, almost daily, which certainly keeps us on our toes when it comes to specials, and we are always coming up with new and exciting combinations for fish dishes!

This is a dish i created after receiving 10 fresh sea bass from the fisherman, which had been caught that day. The fish were brought in whole, meaning i had to gut, fillet and pin bone them myself, Which is no easy task in itself! If your Interested in learning how to fillet fish, please see an earlier post that i made Howto fillet Seabass, you will see that as scary as it seem’s, It is not actually that complicated, and you shouldn’t let it put you off eating fish!

Back to the dish, I decided to team the nice freshly prepped seabass fillet with a Lemon and dill flavoured white wine cream sauce, which can be made by simply sweating off some diced onions in butter, afterwards adding some white wine to reduce down in the pan, and then followed by the cream, which you been leave to simmer. This is a basic cream sauce which will go well with any fish dish, and can easily be flavoured with any soft herb, to go with a variety of dishes.

As an example here i chose to use lemon juice and the zest as well as finely chopped dill, which are all classic flavours which will help to enhance the flavour of fish. The dish was also served with a nice carraway seed scented rice, which was slowly braised in the oven in the fish stock, which was made with the left over bones, us chefs hate to waste food, and everything really can be used for something!

For the salt and pepper squid rings, the calamari (squid) needs to be prepped until you are left with just the base, which you then simply just cut into rings. They are then seasoned up and pan fried until they are a bit golden. Simples!  That pretty much covers the basis of this dish, If you enjoyed reading, please feel free to comment on any thoughts you might have! I’m also looking to create some more howto guides soon and if’s theres anything you’ve been struggling in the kitchen with recently let me know, and i would be glad to help!


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